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At Gower Calligraphy, we do a wide variety of work, some of which can be seen below. If you are interested in commissioning us for wedding stationery, writing out a favourite saying, certificates, family trees, or something else, please get in touch.

handmade wedding invitiation

Wedding Stationery

Add the finishing touches to your special day with bespoke wedding stationery. We can write your guests’ names on the invitations and address the envelopes, or create unique wedding stationery just for you. You decide. With prices from £1 for a name written on an invitation or place card, it needn’t cost the earth, either.

Calligraphy panel

Sayings, quotations and poems

Most of us have a favourite saying, or a quotation or poem that means something to us. Why not have it made into a piece of calligraphic art to hang on the wall of your home so you can enjoy it every day? Works of calligraphy can make wonderful gifts, too.  

Certificates for The Royal Mint

Certificates and presentations

Whether they are being awarded for completing a swimming course or for a lifetime of service, certificates and presentations are so much more distinguished and meaningful when they are written in calligraphy. We are happy to do anything from inscribing a name to creating a hand-made, one-of-a-kind document.

Calligraphy family tree

Family trees

With the popularity of television programmes like Who Do You Think You Are, genealogy has never been more popular. If you have spent months, or years, researching your family tree, don’t hide it away in a cupboard. Have it written out to hang on your wall, where it can be appreciated.